Turns Out We Can All Use Pram Parking… But Don’t Please

I built that fake baby out of bubble wrap for nothing

Pram parking is great, if you’re a Mum trying to do the shopping with a screaming child, then having a spot closer to the entrance of the supermarket plus a little more space to wrangle your rug rats is an absolute godsend.

But sadly, sometimes sans-baby people use these parking spots, denying parents the vehicle advantages they need. Surely, in this situation, the cruel childless people stealing these spots will be fairly punished?

Well turns out they won’t - it’s not illegal to park in a pram spot.

“The short answer is that legally there is nothing to prevent a person without a pram, or infant, parking in a pram spot,” states the NRMA website. “It is at the management’s discretion how they choose to enforce parent parking rules.”

So, anyone can park in these spots - you don’t need a pram, a baby or even to have met a child to park in one of those spots.

However, this doesn’t mean you will suffer zero consequences. If you decide to ruin a mother’s day by stealing the hallowed ground; than expect dirty looks from everyone around you and even some cruel language. Which isn’t unreasonable, I mean you’re doing a terrible thing.