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About the Podcast

The Covid-19 pandemic has turned our world upside down. From how we work and how we live to the very basics of human interaction - we're having to adapt to ways of life we never thought possible.

One thing is certain, nothing will ever be the same.

As we look to life beyond the virus, we ask: so now what?

With the help of experts in their fields, each episode Waleed Aly explores a different aspect of our lives, how it's been impacted by the coronavirus and just what we can expect on the other side.

Produced by Chris Bendall

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13th Dec 2020


Featuring Angela Jackson and Claire Madden

Episode image

6th Dec 2020

World Order

Featuring Rana Mitter and Kim Hoggard

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29th Nov 2020

Future of Work

Featuring Jim Stanford and Dom Price

Episode image

22nd Nov 2020

Climate Change

Featuring Simon Holmes a Court and Brynn O'Brien

Episode image

15th Nov 2020

The Arts

Featuring Debra Oswald, Bend Folds and Alan Cross

Episode image

10th Nov 2020


Featuring Liz Allen and Abul Rizvi

Episode image

1st Nov 2020

Human Connection

Featuring Sarah Wilson and Sabina Read

Episode image

25th Oct 2020

The Economy

Featuring George Megalogenis and Luke McGregor

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18th Oct 2020


Featuring Gerard Whateley and Dr Bridie O’Donnell

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11th Oct 2020

Social Cohesion

Featuring Michele Grossman and Rebecca Huntley