These Jesus Shoes Injected With Holy Water Cost $3000

I always thought Jesus shoes were just sandals

We’ve had avocado on toast shoes, we’ve had Swarovski-Encrusted Nike sneakers, we’ve even had a pair of slip-on red leather mules that resembled McDonalds French-Fry packets.

Well now get ready, because label MSCHF have created a shoe to outshine them all, a pair of kicks injected with liquid blessed by the big man in the sky, that’s right – Jesus Shoes.

The Jesus shoes are a pair of Nike air max 97’s with holy water from the river Jordan injected right into the soles.

Now you might be thinking ‘how do we know if it’s really holy water or if it’s even from the rive of Jordan?!’ – well don’t worry head of commerce Daniel Greenberg told the New York Post they were blessed by a priest and that he ‘has a friend in Israel'.


Praise the Lord. Credit: MSCHF

If you want a pair of these catholic clogs you’ll need to fork out $3000 US (or Bronze coins in the old money), well... you could have forked out 3000, because as of right now these pious pumps are completely sold out. Though it does seem like they are still listed on for about 4,5000 aussie dollars, which sounds like a real good deal.

It’s just one of the many limited number ‘drops’ MSCHF has done, similar to fashion label Supreme, whose limited run (often confusing) item drops sell out quickly. As weird as shoes injected with holy water sounds, it pales in comparison to Supreme’s crowbar or $30 brick – which went on to resell for 1000 big ones.


That is one nice brick. Source: Supreme

This all just shows that the world of fashion is weird and annoying. I’ll never be able to tell if fashion designers are being serious or taking the piss (but I feel like it’s both).