Why 10

At 10, we do things differently. We’re the under 50s network – our younger, progressive audience switches on, leans in and engages positively.

We’re braver, more dynamic and we believe in commissioning content that’s different. We create an active conversation between brands and viewers and believe in making content that people talk about.

We’re born different.

Meet the 10 Sales Team. Our strategy is focused on engaging cord cutters, the young, and the young at heart.

We know to thrive in the future, we need to offer more ways of engaging with our content; then targeting and personalising those experiences. And we’re enhancing and growing our ecosystem and data capabilities to deliver on this objective and reach your customers like never before.

Want to do things differently and cut through the clutter? Let’s talk on this objective and reach your customers like never before.

Want to do things differently and cut-through the clutter? Let’s talk.

Ad Solutions

Premium integration & sponsorships

10 Effect delivers best in class sponsorship opportunities to integrate, activate and amplify brands and products within 10 shows and beyond.

Ideation, Production, Brand Enterprise

Joining the dots creatively and strategically between a client’s brief and the most effective ways to use our assets to get results for your brand.

Commerce and revenue

10’s commerce unit looking after revenue, analytics, technology, and data insights.

Digital and data

A comprehensive suite of digital products offering engaging and captivating ad formats across all platforms including video, display, native, audio and social formats all backed with best in category data intelligence.

Buy10 is back to simplify ad planning and trading across 10’s playground of assets including 10, 10 Bold, 10 Peach, 10 Play, 10 Daily and 10 All Access. Advertising experiences often promised in years to come have arrived.

Precision Targeting…simply brilliant ad planning

Our advanced trading technology stack across the suite of linear and digital assets is reflective of the needs of our clients and agency partners.

10 goes Dynamic!

Dynamic Trading is now available offering complete end to end automation and total inventory optimisation.

Our Buy10 tech stack will find your audiences across our broadcast network creating campaigns that give you the most bang for your buck whilst taking the operational load off your hands!

Avails on Demand streamlined by Day8

True to Buy10’s DNA we will be launching live avails on demand streamlined by Day8. This market first effort has a purpose, to make Non-Avail’s extinct whilst lightening ad-planning workloads and providing greater transparency for our advertisers.

Buy10 YOU… a refreshingly simple self-serve ad buying platform

In 2020, we will continue to amplify our technology and innovation efforts with the launch of Buy 10 YOU, a self-serve advertising buying platform helping small to medium sized businesses hit the big time by tapping into 10’s younger, more engaged audience across our network.