From 'Race' To Rhumba: Beau Ryan Talks Gruelling Training For DWTS

He reckons he has no idea how to dance, but that didn't stop 'The Amazing Race Australia' host Beau Ryan from joining this year's star-studded round-up for 'Dancing With The Stars'.

And despite his previous footy career giving him an advantage when it comes to hardcore training, the 34 year old is adamant that he's no pro when it comes to making moves on the DF.

"I have no dance history -- except for in nightclubs dancing to Drake," he told 10 daily, adding, "I did dance at my wedding, but what I think I look like versus what I  actually look like are two very different things.

"I think I look like Chris Brown and a bit hip-hoppy, but I don't look like that! When I see myself in the mirror, I do not look like that, I can tell you," he laughed.



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And although he's confident in his "hip-hoppy" moves, Ryan said those skills were no use to him for his upcoming dance routines.

"I love Drake, but we're not allowed to have Drake for some reason, so that makes it hard, to be honest," he said.

While the dad-of-one is a familiar face to Channel 10 viewers, Ryan said he's hoping that 'Dancing With The Stars' will give fans a more candid insight into his life.



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"Being on-air, on radio, and on social media, I'm quite open and you do get a fair snapshot of my life, but I'm sure 'Dancing' will show another side of me, which is important," he explained, adding, "It'll be nice to show what I'm like when the cameras are off."

With rehearsals taking place for several hours every day, the former rugby star likened the intense training to "doing pre-season for footy all over again" -- but stressed that the workouts couldn't be more different.

"The training is similar in terms of long days but the muscle groups are completely different," he said. "Rugby needs a bit of power and endurance -- with this I'm constantly on my toes and having to do a lot of balance and core work."

He continued, "Dancing is physical, but the thing is with dance is my mind --  my head is so full! I'm the type to finish a job and move on to the next thing, but  with dancing, I feel like my head has no more room for any more information!"

Dancing With The Stars Starts On Sunday, February 9. Only On 10 And WIN Network. 

Image: Network 10